Optics Metrology Division

The Optics Metrology Division maintains a laboratory and support infrastructure installed in an area covering 2,500 square meters, with adequate capability, with an anti-vibration suspension isolated room, with mechanical and electromagnetic interference protection, endowed with climatization and physical installations that meet the demands
of the international rules. It is composed of the following metrological laboratories of reference: Photometry laboratory,Radiometry laboratory and Interferometry laboratory.

Philosophy of Performance

The Division´s laboratories concentrate and give priority to its role in the performance of their functions as a
metrological laboratory of Inmetro, whose mission is the custody of the national standards; to take part in laboratorial comparison programs accredited to the specific area in which the service is demanded. In line with the purposes of a national laboratory of metrology, the Division seeks to reach the highest levels of accuracy and the lowest experimental
uncertainties associated with the measuring process.

Services Offered

The Division also offers calibration services of specific instruments and optics standards demanded by laboratories accredited by Inmetro in the Brazilian Calibration Network and the Brazilian Test Network, as well as by laboratories linked to the Brazilian Network of Legal Metrology and Quality. Among the various measuring ranges, types of instruments and associated uncertainties, standard blocks (0-100 mm) are calibrated, laser wave length of He-Ne, laser frequency, spectral lamps frequency, coefficient of linear expansion of a square, optics plan and parallel optics.

Other Activities

Development of metrological programs of standard comparisons, projects and qualification of measuring instruments; development of techniques and procedures of tests and calibration; elaboration of technical regulations ; installation of Quality Systems etc.

Developed Projects

Developed Projects In the area of
development, the Division, in partnership with metrological institutions from Brazil and abroad, coordinates the following basic projects in the field of metrology: The metrology of frequencies: development and stabilization of laser; Candela Project: realization of the SI unit of luminous intensity; development of laboratory qualification in photometer;
cryogenic radiometer project (for telecommunications, by fiber optics).

Standards of Reference

In the domain of Optics metrology, the Division is responsible for protecting Brazil´s metrological standards, which are
systematically traced and compared to the international standards though Key Comparisons under the supervision of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures and to standards of metrological laboratories of other countries,
such as: the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST/USA), the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial (INTI/Argentina), the PhysikalischTechnische Bundesanstalt (PTB/Germany) and the Instituto
Elettrotécico Nazionali (IEN/Italy).